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How To

Do business anywhere around the world, in 3 easy steps

Arrange your meeting with your correspondent/s. As soon as you are registered on our platform, go to “book now” and follow the prescribed procedure:

Step 1 Step 1
Select the languages of the meeting.
Step 2 Step 2
Select Date and Time.
Book an interpreter for the video conference on the date and time that suits BOTH you and your correspondent/s. (Please take note that you must inform your correspondent/s about the meeting, but you must forward his/their e-mail/s to us, so as to send him/them the access key).
Step 3 Step 3
Receive confirmation from catalava.com and proceed to payment to complete the order. All parties (you, your correspondent/s and the interpreter assigned) will receive the unique access key to your meeting.

… Have an extra-productive meeting and evaluate our service.

No Hidden Fees