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Why Use Catalava
Simultaneous Interpretation through Video Conference
a confidential and secure service
anywhere, anytime, on your own laptop
no download, no equipment, no travel
Why Use Catalava
Why Use Catalava?
A premium service reserved to high level meetings, now available to you.
Easily accessible and user friendly, our solutions save you time and money.
Listen to, think in, speak your mother tongue.
How To
How To

A next-generation method to do business globally


One to One Magic One to One
For new Business,
for hiring,
anytime, anywhere abroad
Meeting Facilitator Meeting
Videoconference among
x participants in
z different places speaking
n different languages
Conference Hall Magnifier Conference Hall
A flexible and user-friendly solution to space and money problems for conference organizers.
And you can invite virtual speakers and participants!
Newsrooms Booster Newsrooms
TV network, radio or newspaper: World leaders or foreign reporters translated on the spot!
Ready to-broadcast content, no delay in decision making
What they say for us
  • "Compared to telephone interpreting, this is a much more genuine form of communication; it really conveys the ‘feeling’. Technologically far more advanced than anything else I’ve seen: it is something between a video conference and live interpretation!”

    N.M. Conference Interpreter, Oct. 2015
  • “I always wanted to work from home and not having to go on living in an airplane”

    F.J. Conference Interpreter, Oct. 2015
  • "You are awesome! A breath of fresh air of growth in a gloomy environment"

    P.B. HR Executive
  • “I didn't believe that it didn't already exist! It is the brightest and more useful realisation I've seen the last five years!”

    S.K. Athens Chamber of Commerce

Easy Booking

Step 1 Step 1
Select the languages of the meeting.
Step 2 Step 2
Select Date and Time.
Take extra care to pick a time suitable to BOTH or ALL the participants to the meeting if you are in DIFFERENT TIME ZONES.
Step 3 Step 3
Receive confirmation and proceed to payment.
Once this is done, all parties will receive the unique access key to your meeting.
  • Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Responsive

    Catalava is built with a responsive layout, which means it automatically adapts to the viewing device, so it will expand and contract accordingly to the size and resolution of the screen, whether mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Mobile Friendly


    Our platform uses industry standard security technologies such as HTTPS support, secure RTP, HTTP authentication, secure WebSockets and application level authentication using tokens. This ensures that your session's content is always safe.
  • Mobile Friendly

    Device Independent

    Last browser version (except for Safari and iOS devices temporarily) allows you to connect without special equipment, without downloads, via your computer or mobile device!